Hard Floor Maintenance

Hard floor maintenance is essential to maintain your office building floor. Janitorial services Tucson AZ can help with the maintenance needed to keep your floors nice year round. There are three different main floor types: Tile, terrazzo, and hardwood. Each one requires different forms of maintenance.

Tile is the most common type of hard flooring. Tile is easy to maintain and normally takes an 8 hour period to refresh if it is properly maintained. This can normally be done over the weekend or the night depending on which is best for a business. There are times when you need to strip down all the layers of wax to the base tile. The reason for stripping down to base tile is to mitigate the wax buildup on the edges and to give the tile a more shiny gloss. This process takes more time but looks amazing when done.

A sealer is used when waxing a tile floor that has been stripped down, to protect the tile. There are two types of sealer some that are resistant to the stripper used to strip the wax and some that are not. The sealer and wax are applied with a regular mop or an applicator mop. The best results are to apply multiple thin layers of sealer and wax rather than a few thick layers since it will dry unevenly and have a yellow look.

Terrazzo is one of my favorite floor choices. Terrazzo is a form of concrete, which makes it more durable. It tends to last longer and looks much shinier than tile and is very easy maintenance. One can either wax it just like tile which will protect the terrazzo or you can have the janitor firm use diamond grit floor pads to buff the terrazzo when it loses it shine. Using progressive levels of grit the firm will polish the terrazzo to a shine. No sealer is applied in this process. There is some debate as to which is best sealing a terrazzo floor or buffing it. Some claim sealing it will do long-term damage, the jury is still out on this one.

The last floor type is hardwood. There are two types of maintenance for a hardwood floor. One is an epoxy resin that forms a thick coat on top of the floor. Normally this process is done for gym floors, but can be applied to an office floor. The other is what most people use for their home hardwood floors. The floor is sanded down to bare wood, stained then a sealer is applied. Both methods should last a long time and should look great.