Carpet Maintenance

Carpet is very easy to maintain with periodic cleanings a carpet can last decades in an office. Maintenance will normally need a weekend to finish. The cleaning process will be using water to clean the carpets and they will need time to dry.

First, the custodial service will remove all furniture from the area. Then they will vacuum the carpet to make sure the carpet is free of large debris.

The custodial service will then use an extractor. This is pretty much a wet-dry vacuum, but for industrial uses. The extractor consists of a clean water tank, a dirty water tank, and a powerful vacuum to assist in the cleaning of the carpet. The extractor will lay down a stream of water and vacuum it up, getting deep into the weave of the carpet. If the carpet has not been cleaned for some time the professionals will do this many times to pick up all the dirt in the carpet.

Then the janitorial service will run the extractor over the carpet many times, just using the vacuum setting to pick up any remaining water. Then they will put industrial fans on the carpet and let the carpet dry. The extracting of a carpet normally doesn’t take that long of a time it is the drying that normally takes the most time. Normally this will be done within a 24 hour period, depending on the weather conditions outside and if the windows can be left open for the carpet to dry.

Chewing gum can be a maintenance issue for carpets as well. This is not as catastrophic as it may seem, and normally gum is very easy to remove. The tools needed are a putty knife and aerosol gum remover (the kind that freezes the gum). You spray the gum with the remover making sure to freeze the gum entirely, then use the putty knife to pry the gum from the carpet. This method usually works with short weave carpet and leaves the carpet looking like it never had gum on it.

Southwestern Building Maintenance cleans your carpet and provides a homier feel to an office.

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