Janitorial Services

Finding the right janitorial service for your business can be a tricky one. Tucson commercial cleaning service will best fit your business’s needs here are a few options for your consideration. Each option has its share of benefits and considerations.

Janitorial services run the gamut you can have a day porter, a nighttime janitor service, or a weekend janitor service. All of these serve a specific purpose and the different needs of a business.
Day porter services are during normal business hours. These staff members are making sure the facilities are kept clean and orderly for the clientele during all hours of business.

The duties of a day porter service can be many and varied, but mostly include restroom cleaning, maintenance, and restocking. They can also assist with lobby upkeep, such as picking up garbage and emptying trash barrels. Their duties can also include regular cleaning of entryway glass and occasional cleaning of the floor.
If a business serves food a day porter can also clean and restock the kitchens, cafeterias and outside eating areas as well. Day porters can also help with the setup and tear down of functions also.
Night time janitor services are for businesses that do not need upkeep during the day. Normally, office buildings need janitors more during the night where the janitors will not disturb the regular office duties.

The duties of nightly janitors are more extensive than that of day porters. Their duties will entail vacuuming the entire office area every night. Then they will empty all the trash cans in the facility. They will also normally do an extensive cleaning of the restrooms. Other duties of the janitors will include cleaning up all common areas such as lobbies and hallways.

Night time janitor’s duties also will sometimes include more laborious tasks. These can include floor maintenance, such as waxing the hard floors, extracting carpets and window washing.
Weekend janitors are for businesses that normally do not produce much waste, and do not have much traffic. These workers normally do all the jobs that nightly janitors do, but just do them over the weekend. This is an economical solution for businesses that do not need regular daily maintenance.