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Window Washing

It is inevitable that windows or floor will get dirty and someone will have to clean it. What service you hire depends on your needs and how tall your building is.

If your building is only one story tall, then window washing is very simple the people you hire to wash your windows will only need, at most, a step stool to clean the windows. They will only probably use soapy water, some rags, and a squeegee

At two stories all the way up to about five stories the room service can use ladders, water fed poles scaffolding, and cherry pickers to wash the windows of your building. Water fed poles are different from the other methods because they use a detergent in the water to help the water to dry without streaking and prevents water spots, this way they do not have to use a squeegee. Unfortunately, a water fed pole is easy to use on the lower stories, but when you get up to four and five stories they become very unwieldy and hard to control. With a pipe full of water and a long pole extended 5 stories, they are almost impossible to control without many people manning one pole.

Scaffolding and cherry pickers provide a safe and convenient base for workers to clean the windows at the level of the window itself. This allows the worker to make sure the window is very clean and detailed. Even though scaffolding and cherry pickers are designed to protect the workers using them there still is some risk. Ladders also can be used, but they present more of a risk for workers cleaning windows.

If Four Seasons Sunrooms Reviews mention a building is above 5 stories, then cleaning the windows can get a little tricky. Normally what is used is what is called a suspended platform or a cradle where the worker is suspended using a wire rope from above that holds the platform and has the ability to raise or lower the worker. The worker then normally uses soap and water and a squeegee to clean the window.

No matter what kind of building window washing of a large building can take some time, potentially weeks. This can be due to the number of windows, or just the setup of the equipment to get to the windows.